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Caramani, Daniele ; Wagemann, Claudius (2005) A Transnational Political Culture? : The Alpine Region between Populism and European Integration. German Politics Philadelphia, Pa. 14 1 74-94 [Article]

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Caramani, Daniele ; Mény, Yves (2005) Challenges to Consensual Politics : Democracy, Identity, and Populist Protest in the Alpine Region. None Bruxelles [Book]

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Book chapter

Müller, Wolfgang C. (2008) Governments and bureaucracies. Caramani, Daniele Comparative Politics Oxford 189-216 [Book chapter]

Caramani, Daniele (2006) Die Entstehung nationaler Parteiensysteme in Europa : eine historisch-vergleichende Analyse. Reichweiten der Verständigung : Intellektuellendiskurse zwischen Nation und Europa Heidelberg 25-51 [Book chapter]

Caramani, Daniele (2005) Natural Cultures : The Alpine Political Culture and Its Relationship to the Nation-State and European Integration. Challenges to Consensual Politics : Community, Identity, and Populist Protest in the Alpine Region None Bruxelles 83-110 [Book chapter]

Caramani, Daniele ; Mény, Yves (2005) The Alpine Challenge to Identity, Consensus, and European Integration. Challenges to Consensual Politics : Democracy, Identity, and Populist Protest in the Alpine Region Brusselles 21-49 [Book chapter]

Caramani, Daniele (2003) State Administration and Regional Construction in Central Europe : A Comparative- Historical Perspective. The Regional Challenge in Central and Eastern Europe: Territorial Restructuring and European Integration Brussels 21- 50 [Book chapter]

Caramani, Daniele ; Legnante, Guido (2002) Partecipazione elettorale e astensionismo. D'Alimonte, Roberto Maggioritario finalmente? : La transizione elettorale 1994-2001 Bologna 131-163 [Book chapter]

Caramani, Daniele (1997) La partecipazione elettorale : gli effetti della competizione maggioritaria. Maggioritario per caso : Le elezioni politiche del 1996 Bologna 137-160 [Book chapter]

Working paper

Wirth, Werner ; Esser, Frank ; Wettstein, Martin ; Engesser, Sven ; Wirz, Dominique S. ; Schulz, Anne ; Ernst, Nicole ; Büchel, Florin ; Caramani, Daniele ; Manucci, Luca ; Steenbergen, Marco ; Bernhard, Laurent ; Weber, Edward ; Hänggli, Regula ; Dalmus, Caroline ; Schemer, Christian ; Müller, Philipp ORCID: 0000-0002-5351-0608 (2016) The appeal of populist ideas, strategies and styles: A theoretical model and research design for analyzing populist political communication. NCCR Democracy Working Paper Zürich 88 [Working paper]

Caramani, Daniele (2004) The formation of a european electorate : evidence from electoral volatility measures, 1970s - 2000s. Arbeitspapiere / Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung = Working papers Mannheim 83 [Working paper]

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