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Mendelski, Martin ; Libman, Alexander (2014) Demand for litigation in the absence of traditions of rule of law : an example of Ottoman and Habsburg legacies in Romania. Constitutional Political Economy Dordrecht [u.a.] 25 2 177-206 [Article]

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Vinokurov, Evgeny ; Libman, Alexander (2012) Eurasian integration : challenges of transcontinental regionalism. Basingstoke [u.a.] [Book]

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Libman, Alexander (2009) Federalism, integration and multilevel governance in Eurasia : intergovernmental relations across and within national borders in the post-Soviet space. Saarbrücken [Book]

Book chapter

Libman, Alexander (2014) Commonwealth of Independent States and Eurasian Economic Community. Levi, Lucio The democratization of international institutions : first international democracy report London [u.a.] 435-448 [Book chapter]

Libman, Alexander (2013) Informal integration and decentralization in Central Asia. Ahrens, Joachim Institutional reform in Central Asia Central Asian studies series London [u.a.] 27 171-187 [Book chapter]

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Libman, Alexander (2010) Governments and companies in the Post-Soviet world : power, intentions, and institutional consistency. Tekushev, Islam Evrazijskoe Obozrenie = Eurasian Review Evrazijskoe Obozrenie = Eurasian Review Praga 3 41-66 [Book chapter]

Libman, Alexander (2009) Big business and quality of institutions in the post-Soviet space: Spatial aspects. Seliger, Bernhard Das Konzept der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft und seine Anwendung : Deutschland im internationalen Vergleich Ordnungspolitische Dialoge Frankfurt a. M. [u.a.] 1 183-210 [Book chapter]

Libman, Alexander (2008) Moldova: Structural changes, trade specialization and international integration. Grinberg, Ruslan Semenovič Economic restructuring and integration in Eastern Europe : experiences and policy implications Baden-Baden 231-260 [Book chapter]

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Libman, Alexander (2006) Russia’s integration into the world economy: An interjurisdictional competition view. Broadman, Harry G. Economic liberalization and integration policy : options for Eastern Europe and Russia Journal for Labour Market Research = Zeitschrift für Arbeitsmarktforschung Berlin ; Heidelberg 333-348 [Book chapter]

Doctoral dissertation

Libman, Alexander (2009) Essays on asymmetric federalism. Open Access None Mannheim [Doctoral dissertation]

Working paper

Libman, Alexander (2008) Regional integration in Central Asia: A firm-centered view. MPRA Paper / Munich Personal RePEc Archive München 10939 [Working paper]

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