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Mase, Makiko (2020) Polytope duality for families of K3 surfaces and coupling. Open Access Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society = Boletim da Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática Heidelberg [u.a.] tba 1-38 [Article]


Balnojan, Sven (2018) Stokes matrices of isolated hypersurface singularities. Open Access Mannheim [Doctoral dissertation]

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Hertling, Claus Structures tt*. Hertling, Claus Institut Elie Cartan 18 47-65 In: Singularités (2005) Nancy [Conference or workshop publication]


Kryvanos, Aleh (2002) Computer assisted surgery for fracture reduction and deformity correction of the pelvis and long bones. Open Access None Mannheim [Doctoral dissertation]

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